Assembly process

Linktron Automation Department was founded in 2009, developing control system, machine vision system and motion control system on the base of PC/PAC and PLC. At present we have professionals above 30 staff involved in automatic equipment research, equipment design, and project management, and above 10 staff specialized in mechanical assembly. Through years development, a number of production lines are delivered to customer as their core automotive production equipment, like automotive battery pack assembly line, gearshift assembly and testing line, inflator assembly and testing line, tail gate latch assembling line, automotive turbo charger assembly line, fuse box assembly line etc.

Automatic Assembly & Process Riveting
Welding(Laser, Arc, Friction, Ultrasonic, Resistance)
Heat Staking
Precisely Pressing
Labeling(Label Sticking and Laser Marking)
Transferring & Handling (Conveyor and Robots)