Linktron IFT3000 In-line FCT test system

LinkTron IFT3000 PCBA Single-Functional in-line Tester is developed base on IFT2000 PCBA test system and for PCBA products. The system will let the test more systematic, standard, automatic and intelligent.

PCBA Manufacture Process Flow Chart

PCBA Clasification


PCBA Test Solution

    Multiple-channel Hi-Pot testing

    PCBA Flash & testing

    PCBA function testing

    Supporting the diagnoses for resistance, diodes, relays and so on

    Super fast test speed, 1000ops/s(impedance test).

    Programmable insulation voltage test:DC28~1000V

    Impedance test range: 0~999MΩ

    Load voltage range : DC 0~24V, 2A max.(programmable)

    With self-diagnostic function. User can program the test files, needle function and so on.